For Managers, Leaders, and Consultants Who Aspire to Go Beyond Basic Process, Product, and Technology Changes.


Normal Price: USD 1,998 | Special Offer: USD 997

Normal Price: USD 1,998

Special Offer: USD 997

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Transform The Future Of Your Career And Your Organisation

In today's rapidly evolving marketplace, merely tweaking processes or updating products is no longer sufficient. For managers, leaders, and consultants committed to not just surviving but thriving, understanding business model transformation is essential.


While basic innovation can keep you afloat, to thrive between now and 2030 you need to rethink and remodel the core of how your business operates and delivers value. The best companies aren't just sprucing up what they offer—they're revolutionising the very fabric of their business models.


As a manager, leader or consultant, you are the architect of transformation. Business model transformation expertise means you're equipped to guide companies through a complete metamorphosis. This isn't about incremental steps; it's about giant leaps towards long-term success.


Business model transformation is about seizing new opportunities and creating value in ways previously unimagined. It’s about innovating how you create, deliver, and capture value, and then translating that into sustainable revenue streams and enhanced customer experiences.


Those who master business model transformation can steer companies to emerge as new market leaders. And consultants with these skills are in huge demand because most CEOs have no business model transformation experts among their managers and leaders.


To lead the most impactful transformation and forge a legacy of innovation, basic change isn't enough. It’s time to take your role in transformation to another level. To master business model transformation and build a bright new future for your career and the companies that need you.


My work is limited to process, product or technology upgrades

My transformation work isn't particularly innovative or exciting

I want to lead transformation instead of only follow others

I'm not feeling truly fulfilled in my current transformation role

I should be earning a lot more than what I'm currently paid

I wish I could present new ideas that executives would love

I want to be able to shape the transformation agenda

Become a Certified Business Model Transformation Practitioner

  • Manage and lead transformation that goes beyond process and product change

  • Stand out from most people around you who know very little about this topic

  • Acquire rare skills and certification that can command the best salaries and fees

  • Get ahead in a transformation specialty that the best CEOs know matters most



The Ultimate Business Transformation

  • How This Course Works

  • Definitions

  • Strategic Business Direction

  • Business Transformation

  • Innovation Potential and Complexity

  • Types of Business Model


Disruption and Industry Trends

  • About Disruption

  • Theories of Disruption

  • Types of Disruption

  • Identifying Potential Disruptions

  • Emerging Industry Trends

  • Impact of Trends on Business Models

  • Market Shifts and their Effects

  • Strategies for Staying Ahead

  • Cultural and Ethical Considerations

  • Case Studies


Business Model Innovation

  • Definitions

  • Identifying Opportunities For Innovation

  • Design Thinking

  • Lean Startup Approach

  • Blue Ocean Strategy

  • Collaboration And Co-Creation

  • Utilising Technology

  • Real World Examples and Case Studies


Business Model Canvas

  • Introduction

  • Customer Segments

  • Value Proposition

  • Channels

  • Customer Relationships

  • Revenue Streams

  • Key Resources

  • Key Activities

  • Key Partnerships

  • Cost Structure

  • Application and Practical Exercises

  • Business Model Canvas Alternatives


Business Model Case Studies

  • Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Amazon's Business Model

  • IKEA's Business Model

  • Disney's Business Model


Technology Enabled Business Models

  • Understanding Emerging Technologies

  • Assessing Technology Impact

  • Innovative Application

  • Competitive Advantage

  • Risk Assessment

  • Mobile: About These Business Models

  • Mobile: Business Model Ideas

  • Mobile: Branch International Business Model

  • Mobile: Uber Business Model

  • Mobile: Yoox Net-A-Porter Business Model

  • AI: About These Business Models

  • AI: Business Model Ideas

  • AI: Netflix Business Model

  • AI: Vicarious Business Model

  • AI: NVIDIA Business Model

  • IoT: About These Business Models

  • IoT: Business Model Ideas

  • IoT: John Deere Business Model

  • IoT: Telit Business Model

  • IoT: Xively Business Model

  • Cloud: About These Business Models

  • Cloud: Business Model Ideas

  • Cloud: CloudMinds Business Model

  • Cloud: OVHcloud Business Model

  • Cloud: Salesforce Business Model

  • Digital Twin: About These Business Models

  • Digital Twin: Business Model Ideas

  • Digital Twin: Aker Solutions Business Model

  • Digital Twin: GE Aviation Business Model

  • Digital Twin: PTC Business Model


Market Analysis and Customer Focus

  • Definitions

  • Understanding Market Dynamics

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Value Proposition Development

  • Designing with the Customer in Mind

  • PESTEL Analysis

  • Customer Pain Points

  • Feedback and Adaptation

  • Trend Identification

  • Customer Needs and Preferences


Project Exercises

  • About These Project Exercises

  • Project 1: Business Model Innovation

  • Project 2: Business Model Evolution

  • Project 3: Strategic Star Alignment

  • Customer Needs and Preferences


Business Model Financials

  • Building a Financial Model

  • Revenue Streams

  • Cost Structure

  • Break-Even Analysis

  • Sensitivity Analysis

  • Viability Assessment

  • Sustainability Considerations

  • Risk Management

  • Funding Requirements

  • Scalability and Growth Projections


Scaling & Global Expansion

  • Understanding Scaling

  • Business Model Adaptation

  • Use of Technology

  • Resource Management

  • Market Expansion Strategies

  • Cultural Sensitivity

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Market Research

  • Risk Management

  • Localisation vs. Standardisation


More Technology Enabled Business Models

  • Robotics: About These Business Models

  • Robotics: Business Model Ideas

  • Robotics: Boston Dynamics Business Model

  • Robotics: KUKA Business Model

  • Robotics: Rethink Business Model

  • VR: About These Business Models

  • VR: Business Model Ideas

  • VR: IMAX Business Model

  • VR: NextVR Business Model

  • VR: The VOID Business Model

  • Machine Learning: About These Business Models

  • Machine Learning: Business Model Ideas

  • Machine Learning: Alphalake AI Business Model

  • Machine Learning: Business Model

  • Machine Learning: Nutonomy Business Model

  • Big Data Analytics: About These Business Models

  • Big Data Analytics: Business Model Ideas

  • Big Data Analytics: Cloudera Business Model

  • Big Data Analytics: Palantir Business Model

  • Big Data Analytics: Splunk Business Model

  • RPA: About These Business Models

  • RPA: Business Model Ideas

  • RPA: Automation Anywhere Business Model

  • RPA: Kofax Business Model

  • RPA: WorkFusion Business Model


Exam and Certificate

  • Certification Requirements

  • About the Exam

  • Take The Exam

Who Should Attend

This course is tailored for managers, leaders, and consultants who are navigating substantial market changes, facing increased competition, or dealing with shrinking profit margins. It is especially suitable for all Transformation Professionals and business unit leaders charged with identifying new growth.

C-suite executives and board members looking to sustain their organisation's competitive position in the industry will find this curriculum highly beneficial.

Job titles may include:


  • Managing Director, Regional Director, Country Manager

  • Senior Vice President, Vice President

  • Senior Director

  • Chief Transformation Officer

  • Transformation Professionals

  • Director of Operations

  • Director of Group Strategy and Digital

  • Director of Business Development

  • Innovation, R&D Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I have access to the courses for?

5 years.

What is the format of the course?

The course is 100% online and self-paced. You are free to study and make progress at your own pace. You will watch video lessons, download templates and do the optional practical exercises, and take a final exam at the end of the course.

Does the course have any practical exercises?

Yes! And we strongly encourage all participants to do the practical exercises. Acquiring knowledge is one thing, but being able to apply it well in real-world transformation only comes through practice.

Are there any case studies in the course?

Yes! There are dozens of business model transformation case studies in the course so that you learn wjat success looks like and how you can get inspired by these examples.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes! Upon passing the final exam, you will be issued with your Business Model Transformation Practitioner certificate, which is verifiable on the blockchain.

Does the course provide templates

Yes! You need a few templates to complete the project exercises and perform the activities in any organisation. You will download the templates from inside the course, and be able to customise them if you wish to.

What if I fail the exam?

You can re-take the exam as many times as you need to. No extra charge. You just need to wait at least 5 days between re-takes.

What format is the exam?

You will need to answer 75 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes. We have included extra time to support participants who are not native English speakers. The pass mark is 80%.

How long will it take me to complete each course?

This depends on your existing experience and skills, and your ability to understand and learn new concepts. Some people complete the course in 6 weeks while others might take several months. Only you determine the time you take to complete the course. You study at your own pace.

What if I decide the course isn't suitable for me?

Providing our system data shows that you have not watched more than 10% of the program, you have 7 days in which to request a refund.

What if I don't have the time right now?

You get 5 years access to the program. If you enroll now, you save money while this offer is available and you can postpone studying until it's more convenient for you. Most people who take our courses are very busy professionals. Don't let the fact that you're also a busy person compromise your professional development.

Shouldn't I study through a university?

Universities are places where young and inexperienced people learn. The seasoned professionals who enroll in our courses prefer to learn from successful transformation practitioners rather than academic teachers. Many university professors and executives take our courses so that they can be better prepared to teach their students.

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